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For the realization of the cloud of cars, we immediately encountered the problem of the choice of cars to hang. Following the advice of Richard Keller, we were then directed towards the total creation of a car without references to meet all requirements. Accompanied by the car designer Olivier Frémont, I set to work. First draw on paper on a scale of 1 / 5th, then the realization of a Rough and the sanding of it until obtaining the general curves of the model on the four faces. The volume is worked only by the elimination of matter, exactly the inverse of the architecture where one works only by successive accumulations. Finally, we will work with Jean-Michel Roudaut on the scale 1 model. But enlargement reveals weaknesses that can not be seen on a small scale: the model is too round and lacking in nerve. Jean François puts me on the track: working by cuts and eliminations. We set to work again with Jean-Michel taking his jigsaw ... and there, suddenly, the model as an apple attacked with a knife brings forth a series of stretched lines. The model is finally balanced and can be duplicated in 40 clones.Visitors enter the Red House, descending into the entrails of the city, come upon the railway line and pass through the foundations and then discover the General Market from the perspective of a staircase that leads into the space beneath the dome. The Museum's collections, presented like treasure in a crown of showcases around the space, surge up in front of visitors before they make their way across a sky-bridge above West Smithfield Avenue to the spaces of the Fish Market with their cafes and shops. Inside the Museum, a large showcases present the collection as an accumulation of stories and experiences, a treasure trove of objects flowing from the city's earliest history to its present. These showcases are made of the same materials of patinated metal, dark wood and gold, And red-enveloping the Red House building. Visitors are invited to participate in the exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art. It is only slowly that the collections are discovered in more intimate fashion on this promenade through 8,000 m2 of exhibition space. Like a city, the Museum invites visitors to take different routes. The routes for first time and repeat visitors are explored here. Farringdon Museum of Farringdon Farringdon Museum of Thoroughfare. The design is of a Museum in which visitors can move through the spaces with fluidity and ease. They will be able to find their way through the new Museum, orienting themselves naturally as a result of the landmark spaces on the road. Lifts are provided throughout the Museum next to the stairs and escalators, providing easy access to disabled people and providing a simple and intuitive route through all the spaces for all.

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