Thank you, Singapore’s MDWs! 🧡

Let’s show our support through the uplifting power of words!

Kind and uplifting words have the power to brighten someone’s day. ☀️ In honour of International Domestic Workers Day 2023, Aidha is excited to introduce a special virtual message board where EVERYONE can share heartfelt notes of support and appreciation for all amazing migrant domestic workers (MDWs).

At Aidha, we proudly stand alongside MDWs, recognising their resilience and valuing their right to shape their own futures. 🤩 Let’s come together to celebrate the remarkable strength, courage, and invaluable contributions of Singapore’s domestic workers! 💪

And to all incredible domestic workers, this is for you too! We invite you to send messages of appreciation and encouragement to your friends. Your voices matter, and we can’t wait to hear your uplifting words! 💌

Check out the instructions below to learn how you can show your support. 

  1. Click on the button below
  2. Leave a short message and your name!

Happy International Domestic Workers Day! Thank you to all domestic workers for your efforts, kindness and the love that you bring into our homes and communities! 🧡

Anonymous, Singapore

There are always up and down in every relationship within the employer and the domestic helper. But that doesn’t stop us to feel appreciate for all the care and support from both side. Being domestic helper is incredibly difficult. At the same time, our goals, our future keep pushing us to work harder and improving in every aspect of life. Nothing of the efforts that we put in our daily lives with our employer will go to waste. Happy International Domestic helper to all amazing women in this universe.

Ulfa, Indonesia

Thank you for your hardwork, love and patience. You are super women for your family and family who you take care. Happy International Domestic Workers Day 2023!

Nurul, Indonesia

Let’s remember this day, that we must not surrender ourselves to the situation and always keep working hard with our heart and soul one day we surely reach our goal. “To work is not about what did you do, but it is about how did you do” Happy international workers day!

Elena Madrigal, Philippines

Without my aunty, life would not have been so smooth for us at home. A warm thank you to all MDWs who support us and look after us. We appreciate everything you do for us! Big hugs!

Eve, Singapore

Thank you for your contribution, hard work and taking such good care of our family. We are grateful to have you here with us through these difficult times. You are being appreciated!

CL @ Aidha, Singapore

Thank you aunty Maribel who took care of me since i was a baby! i miss your aroz caldo and hot chocolate you used to make for us when we were sick. i hope you are happy and safe wherever you are now🙏🙏🙏

Wei Sze, Singapore

Happy International Domestic Workers Day! To all domestic workers everywhere: you have our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for your immeasurable work and your invaluable role that you play in our lives, homes, and communities. ❤️

Anonymous, Singapore

Your commitment to caring for our homes, our families, and our loved ones is nothing short of extraordinary. From ensuring a clean and comfortable living environment to providing compassionate care, your presence and hard work have a profound impact on our daily lives. Your unwavering support allows us to pursue our goals and ambitions, knowing that our homes and families are in capable hands!

Anonymous, Singapore

Being a domestic worker or helper, there are a lot to consider, sometime I have to givev up but there are also family to depend on us. Let us make our position in the middle as always good and bad situation happening to us specially we are stranger in every family that we work. Sometimes good and not good employer but I and we make the best of it in every situition. There are demanding employer, perfectionist and so on but just go on the flow and make the best of everyday. We should be proud being DOMESTIC WORKERS!

Emelda, Singapore

Everyone of Us deserved a big “THANK YOU” for the warmth and hospitality that we contribute to the society and to Aidha. I am so proud to be part of this movement and journey with you all. Happy International Domestic Worker to us.

Ellaine, Philippines 

Not just a helping hand, but a part of our family. Thank you for all you do and for being a wonderful Tita and role model to the kids.

Parveen, Singapore

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies in Singapore and beyond…you are VERY MUCH part of the village it takes to raise a family and build a life. We are blessed to have you in our lives, and hope we can be your “home and family-away-from-home”. Know that we SEE YOU, HEAR YOU, RESPECT YOU and LOVE YOU …Here’s to celebrating your awesomeness on 16th June!

Em & Am, Singapore

Thank you for supporting families in Singapore and hope you achieve everything that you wish to!

Vysh, Singapore

To all my fellow domestic workers happy International Domestic Workers day to all of us. Keep chasing all your dreams. Always think positive no matter the situations are. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matter is how you pick up yourself and stand back again. Keep going ladies…

Joy Patubo, Singapore

To all my fellow MDW’s out there,

Give applause to ourselves as we are doing a great job, providing the much needed with every family, you are a big contribution in every household. Heads up and continue your journey with Aidha .

Happy International Domestic Workers Day !

Mary Ann Hernandez, Philippines 

Dear Fellow Domestic Workers, You are incredible! You are the strength and life of our family. Working in every households, you did an amazing job being everything around taking care of house, children, elderly, home and kitchen. You are totally amazing. Remember “yourself” is our voice and support for every individual specially those volunteering in community for free time off day. Well done and Keep inspiring everyone, our fellow migrant.

Mary Grace, Philippines 

Shoutout to all dedicated domestic helpers – thank you for being the loving caregivers for our children and elders. You are cherished and appreciated.

Muhaimin, Singapore

Happy International Domestic Workers Day✨️ Thank you and Proud of Your hard working and make your family Proud, keep on inspiring and keep up the spirit everyone’s 💪💖 I love u and God bless you😇

Feibe.L, Indonesia 

To fulfilled the given opportunity as a domestic worker is very challenging. Despite all the circumstances you are resilience. Doing your responsibility with purpose and delighted to embrace challenge. You are incredible and amazing. Happy International Domestic Workers Day!

Jenifer Adao, Philippines 

On this International Domestic Workers Day, let us recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of domestic workers around the world. We work tirelessly behind the scenes, often without recognition, to ensure the smooth running of households and the well-being of families.

Always remember that we play a vital role in the societies, caring their loved ones, maintaining their homes, and enabling them to pursue their careers and personal goals. We bring warmth, dedication, and expertise to our work, creating safe and nurturing environments for families to thrive.

Happy International Domestic Workers Day to all domestic workers around the world. Our contributions are deeply appreciated, and our rights matter.

Elli, Philippines 

Sending a lot of heartfelt appreciation! For all the kindness, thoughtfulness & care you put in in all that you do.


🌟 Happy International Domestic Workers Day! 🌟

To all the amazing domestic helpers out there, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your hard work and dedication. Your tireless efforts keep our homes clean, organized, and filled with love. You are the unsung heroes who ensure our families thrive.

Jonathan, Singapore

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