Gift of Education

Out of challenges comes growth!

The year 2021 has been a bumpy ride, but at Aidha we continue to empower migrant domestic workers and other low-income women to acquire the skills and confidence to save, invest and start a business of their own:

  • Online Campus:
    We evolved quickly with all our courses now offered online and many new students welcomed monthly.
  • New Short Courses:
    We’re introducing new short courses on topics of interest and expanding our outreach by offering partnership courses. 
  • New Campus in Eunos!
    We’re now getting ready to start welcoming students for computer classes to our new satellite campus (get a sneak preview in our video below).

Will you help us reach more women with our life-changing financial programmes?


Help our students grow by helping us grow

Between November 2021 and February 2022, we hope to cumulatively raise $150,000 with the support of our partners and our public campaign.

The money raised will help us expand our offerings, making our financial education programmes accessible and affordable to more women!

Together we can help more migrant domestic workers and low income women achieve financial independence. Thank you for your support!

Give the

Gift of Growth

And change a woman’s life today!

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Our heart-felt thanks for your support and your contributions to Gift of Education.

This campaign is now closed.

See how our students grow

  • Arnolita Dela Cruz

    From hustling to make a living to someone who is now in control of her wealth and assets, Arnolita Dela Cruz is a Module 3 student at Aidha who has already transformed her life and that of her family in The Philippines.

    Read Arnolita’s whole story on Facebook
  • Indah Kurniawati

    Indah arrived in Singapore with a quest to rebuild her life after a divorce. Her earnings as a domestic worker helped ends meet, but her heart told her that pursuing studies would lead to personal growth and eventually a better life.

    Read Indah’s whole story on Facebook

We want to grow!

Find out more about the satellite campus here: 

Gift Idea for this Season

Gift your helper an Aidha course!

Looking for a great idea that will change your helper’s life? Sponsor your helper’s course fees and give her the chance to grow!  
When you complete enrolment online, you can download a gift card to present to her (download link will be sent in the notification email).


A Gift that makes a Difference 

Looking for a great gift idea? How about giving a gift that spreads good cheer AND makes a difference to the world?
It’s simple! Make a contribution to Aidha on behalf of someone dear to you, and tell them about the donation you made with a downloadable card (download link will be sent in the notification email). 

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OUR CAMPAIGN GOAL: Aidha’s Gift of Education campaign runs 15 November 2021 to 15 February 2022. Our total fundraising goal is $150,000 – our public fundraising campaign on Give.Asia and aims to raise $50,000 and we aim to raise $100,000 via direct donations and with partners.











      Admin Office
      748A North Bridge Road
      Singapore 198716
      Monday – Friday
      from 10am to 5pm
      Tel: 6341 5287
    • Sunday Campus
      United World College SEA Dover
      1207 Dover Road
      Singapore 139654
      from 10am to 5pm
      Tel: 9789 4041

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