Thank you Singapore’s FDWs!

Let’s show our support for FDWs through the uplifting power of words!

Times are still challenging for all of us and that’s especially so for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who have spent these last weeks and months within Singapore households supporting the smooth running of everyone’s more home-based life. Some FDWs are still unable to go out or see friends on their off-days and many cannot travel back home to visit their loved ones. FDWs have had more work on their hands too, with everyone staying at home.

It’s so important that we recognise and voice our appreciation for these amazing women who support the smooth running of our homes and lives, in spite of the challenges. Showing we care and value their contribution is a wonderful way to lift spirits and to thank them as we mark International Domestic Workers Day.

We have clapped for our frontliners, and rallied together to help our migrant worker brothers, now how can we sprinkle some kindness and show support for our FDWs?

It’s easy! Simple words of encouragement and appreciation can go a long way towards making someone’s day. And so, to mark the month of International Domestic Workers’ Day, Aidha has launched a special virtual message board open for EVERYONE to leave notes of support and appreciation for all FDWs.

At Aidha, we stand together with FDWs and we believe that every woman has a right to determine her own future. Let’s celebrate the strength, courage and the important contributions FDWs have made!

And calling all FDWs! This is for you too! Send us your messages of appreciation and encouragement to your friends!

Check out the instructions below to learn how you can show your support. 

  1. Click on this link below
  2. Leave a short message and your name!

Big thank you to all the strong women who are working as domestic helpers here. You play an important role in our community

Nicholas See, Singapore

You guys are amazing! The students at Aidha are incredibly hardworking and have always been so generous with their time and effort. I miss everyone’s energy, hope we can see each other soon! Stay bright and cheerful always.

Joyce, Singapore

Terima kasih, salamat and thank you to all foreign domestic workers for your tireless contributions to Singapore families!!

Syazana, Singapore

We appreciate all the hard work that you do and the sacrifices you have made to be here! I have learnt a lot about patience and kindness from y’all.

Rachael, Singapore

We appreciate your strengths, dedication and hardwork. It’s not easy being away from your loved ones but you all do it for your families future. We hope you keep safe and your families are safe during this virus crisis.

Meen, Singapore

Thank you for all your hard work! We appreciate all that you do!

ED, Singapore

Thanks for always tirelessly serving and giving it your best despite the struggles here in Singapore. Thanks for helping to keep our households neat, tidy and clean. We appreciate you!

Ong Yi Sheng, Singapore

My helper was like my second mom. She was with me since I was a toddler and was my companion at home (I’m an only child). I miss you aunty!! I hope you are safe and healthy.

Rosalynn, Singapore

Thank you to all helpers for taking care of Singapore’s families! You are powerful women!

Sylvia, Singapore

Thanks for putting up with my FIL and his many quirks. Without you, the family wouldn’t be able to function as well. I know it’s been hard not seeing your sister the last few months, hopefully things will get better and you can see her soon.

Anonymous, Singapore

Thank you for coming here to work and appreciate you all for being hardworking, caring, honest and sincere.

Ra, Singapore

You are all very strong and committed ladies. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in providing assistance to the families here. Much love to all!

Dils, Singapore

Thank you for your kindness, hard work and sacrifice – which often goes unnoticed. You are valued and we appreciate you! These are tough times but hang in there, there is always someone you can talk to and things will get better! ❤️

Joanna, Singapore

Thank you for all the hard work and contribution that you’ve provided to families especially during this crucial period. Leaving this note to remind all of you that you are appreciated and we are grateful for all of your existence

Anonymous, Singapore

Cheers to all of you Amazing, Wonderful Women for your hard work and contribution to the families in Singapore! We are truly grateful for your commitment in taking care of our households while being away from your own families. You inspire us all!

Paula, Singapore

Thank you for your contribution, hard work and taking such good care of our family. We are grateful to have you here with us through these difficult times. You are being appreciated!

CL @ Aidha, Singapore

Thank you so much for all your efforts and time put into making our world cleaner and more efficient! We hope on this special day you get to rest well and play hard! 🙂

Anonymous, Singapore

A huge thank you to the domestic helpers. You are important and you matter a lot in our homes. ???

Bella, Singapore

Helpers’ contributions are much valued and appreciated especially in Singapore. Thank you for minding our children and caring for our elders.

Erica Lim, Singapore

Thank you for your time and hard work to make Singapore a better place!

Alvin Yee, Singapore

To all helpers working in Singapore, thank you for your kindness and managing our households.

Hanna, Singapore

Here’s to all the domestic helpers here in sg. You made the difficult but noble decision to leave your families in order to provide for them. It’s inspiring and admirable.

Nur Liyana, Singapore

Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made. It is not easy and no amount of thank you-s are ever enough. My hope for you is that you will know how loved and important you are, and let no one/words ever bring you down!

Emma, Singapore

Without your care, effort, and hardwork, many families would not be able to function as smoothly as they do. Thank you for sacrificing so much and being a part of the social fabric in Singapore.

Eve, Singapore

Thank you so much for your hard work and help! This must be an extremely difficult time for you now but this will pass! Soon enough, things will return to normal. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for us! Let’s get through this together! ❤️

Anonymous, Singapore

We thank you for caring for our family when we can’t. What will we do without you. To everyone reading this, appreciate your helpers!!!

The Chans, Singapore

Thank you for your support , cooperation and hard work . You’re always amazing and wonderful woman doing your part and performing house choir’s in every family in Singapore especially this time of pandemic . Stay safe and healthy .

Mary Grace, Singapore

Thank you ladies for your dedication, care and hard work! Reach for your dreams, do not be afraid!

ACMI Family, Singapore

Thank you so much Aidha community this opportunity you share to all FDw, u teach how to make sense our free time on Sunday we learned a lot, I am grateful I am one of your students, Thank you at God bless always to all of us?

Jessaball amador, Philippines

Thank you for the care and love you’ve shown to our families! You all are such strong and selfless women, and I have so much admiration for you all.

Rachael, Singapore

To all FDWs in Singapore, we appreciate you. Thank you for caring for us like your own. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifices! All of you are remarkable and we celebrate your courage, strength and positivity! ❤️

Amirah, Singapore

For as long as I can remember, my parents have employed FDWs to help them manage us 4 siblings. I remember whenever I cried, my “auntie” would be the first to comfort me! Thank you to all FDWs for all your hard work and love! You truly deserve the world.

Anonymous, Singapore

Sincere thank you to all foreign domestic workers who have dedicated themselves in providing for others while being away from their own. It is something that we should always be aware of.

Haziq Wahab, Singapore

My helper played an important role in my childhood. She is now with another family but I wish her all the best. No amount of thanks can make up for her hard work for our family.

Zafirah, Singapore

Thank you to all helpers who have put in so much effort in helping us run our day-to-day lives smoothly. Never stop dreaming big and never give up on your goals.

Kieran, Singapore

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for us – it’s not easy being this far away from your family and loved ones and I’m amazed at your strength, especially during this crisis period. I hope that you and your loved ones remain safe during this period.

Anonymous, Singapore

To our “aunties and kakaks”…. thank you for everything that you have done for us! we wish you all happiness

Wan yi, Singapore

Firstly thank you to my helper Su for being v patient with my mum.. You have taught me so much about patience. Bless you

Cecilia, Singapore

Having to leave your family behind to come to a foreign land must have been a tough journey. Thank you for your hard work and hope you get what you came here for!

Anonymous, Singapore

We know that leaving behind your family and come over to a foreign county to work is not an easy sacrifice. We appreciate all your hard work and let us understand each other and create a conducive environment for a happy and lasting relationship.

CT Chung, Singapore

We are grateful for the work you put into taking care of our children ,being the Mum and Dad if we’re not around.We are forever grateful for you being with us.

Samuel, Singapore

Thank you, thank you. You are the women who raise our children and hold up our households. We could not do without you.

Anonymous, Singapore

during this scary period, u are never alone.. u are an integral part of our household. u cook, maintain, care and manage our children so we can work. for that, we salute u!!! much respect

tan jiaqi, Singapore

Thanks for waking up at 5am so we can sleep. Thanks for your little sacrifices and big sacrifices. We all appreciate your hardwork!!!

Joey, Singapore

Thank you for all your hard work! We really appreciate everything you’ve done to help us. You guys are so amazing and strong, having to leave your families and be apart from them for so long. Our society is indebted to you!

Nurin Nazurah, Singapore

Kudos to all FDWs! Whether through Covid-19 or other challenges you have my deepest respect for the responsibilities you take on in supporting your families, the hard work your job entails, and the personal sacrifices you make by being away from home and loved ones. Despite it all I am constantly amazed by your positivity and resilience. In awe always.

Jackie, Singapore

A big and warm thank you to all the amazing women who help so many households in Singapore. They made the difficult decision to leave their countries to support their families and they contribute so much to the community. Respect and gratitude to these strong women and a special thought for all the Aidha students!

Jeanne, Singapore

Hi! I just would to wish everyone here a blessed day and to say thanks to the F.D.Ws and keep safe!

Jane, Singapore

I have seen a lot of FDW came to Singapore responsibility coming out of their hometown to work and study here in Aidha. There really make a big changes and difference to the community and country of Singapore. Big thank you to all FDW for their contributions.

Alijandro Fernando , Singapore

Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to help make our homes more comfortable. It’s hard to leave your loved ones to go overseas to work, and for that, you are very brave! Please continue to stay healthy 🙂

anonymous, Singapore


Jason, Singapore

Thank you ladies for all your work! You are amazing, strong, patient and ever so kind in all that you do! Keep on shining and bring joy to those around you!

Sean, Singapore

Emelda you were and still are our family!! You cared for our children, like your own, took care of us but also our family members. During that time, you continued to work on your long term goals which is the best way to support your family. You built your house, cared for your extended family, and son, and now have created a store. You are what this program is all about and you inspire others everyday.

Shefali Desai, USA

hats off , to all the Fdw’s out there thank you for being part of the Singapore community helping hands together during this pandemic . thank you for kindness and untiring care and love you share every families you work with and the memories. keep all safe

Anne, Singapore

To all of you wonderful, caring, hardworking ladies, thank you! Your warmth, cheerful nature and incredible drive to build a better future for you and your families is inspirational. Keep strong, keep positive – looking forward to seeing you again when Campus eventually re-opens.


Hi FDWs! I appreciate you all so much!! THANK YOU for all that you’ve done for us, and I pray that you find happiness.

W, Singapore

I would like to thank my “Kakak” of almost 8 years for taking care of me and my brother. We know you miss your family alot. We hope the pandemic will be over so you can be reunited with them again. Sending prayers and love. Sincerely, Rochelle and Ryan.

Rochelle and Ryan, Singapore

Tough times never last,but tough people do. We will get through this together. Sending love to all our ofw sisters.

May G., Singapore

Hello! After living overseas alone, I know a little bit how lonely and difficult it can be. You are the strongest and most amazing women out there. Thank you for all that you do. I promise to listen to your voices and stand with you.

Rachel, Singapore

Thanks for all you do! Even when times are hard and you cannot see your friends and family, you look after others. Singapore could not manage without you. Stay strong, stay safe and keep learning!

Emily, United Kingdom

Thank you for all your hard work and love towards the families you work for! We appreciate your sacrifices and want you to know how important your work is within many families in Singapore. We strive to be here for you and enable you to build your own future wherever you go!!

Clara, Singapore











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