Module 2

Plan Your Financial Future

Aidha opened my mind and I started to make plans for the future. In 10 years, I want to be a business owner. I already started a vegetable farm this year – 2,500 sqm of my own land, a chili farm, 1,500 trees. Now I have 5 employees.

Yuliani, Indonesia, graduated in 2016

Who should enrol

Students who are halfway through or have finished Module 1 and want to continue saving, and develop long-term goals and a personal finance plan.

Duration and course fees

Six months – courses start each month.
Two Sundays a month (morning or afternoon – 3 hours per session).

Course fees per six-month module:
$200 (after DB Scholarship Fund discount)
$150 (after additional discount for self-supporting students)

For more details on course fees and packages,
click here for foreign domestic workers
click here for employers

What you’ll get

Develop your personal financial plan and learn how to achieve it to make your future more financially stable!

Module 2 comprises of two classes:

  • Money Management 2
  • Communications & Leadership

Additional benefits

  • Maximum of 24 students per class with two volunteer mentors (teachers)
  • Student handbook
  • Access to a computer lab before and after class
  • Free campus events
  • A safe environment to learn and have fun
  • A certificate and you participate in the Graduation Ceremony!

You will learn how to:

  • Set long-term saving goals
  • Understand types of bank accounts, investments, insurance, welfare and loans
  • Identify good investments (land, livestock, vehicles)
  • Identify scams and protect your savings

At the end of the course you will have created your own individual financial plan.

You will learn how to:

  • Work in a team and lead a team
  • Share your dreams with your family and employer
  • Improve your presentation skills and develop your self-confidence
  • Influence and negotiate
  • Build skills for resilience & coping
MODULE 2 – LESSON PLAN Three hours two Sundays a month for six months
Month Money Management 2
12 x 90 minute sessions
Communication & Leadership
12 x 90 minute sessions
1st What is an Investment? Me, My Dream and My Plan
Deciding to Invest Sharing My Dream and My Plan: Part 1
2nd Return on Investment Sharing my Dream and My Plan: Part 2
Compound Interest and Savings Influence and Community
3rd Classifying your Investments Negotiating Win-Win Results
Achieving your Goals by Planning your Investments Brainstorming
4th Insurance Managing Conflict
Loans Developing Positive Habits
5th Education as an Investment Developing Resilience
Detecting Scams Working Together: Part 1
6th Personal Investment Plan Working Together: Part 2
Presentation of Personal Investment Plan Presenting as a Team

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