Module 1

Manage Your Money & Tech

When I came to Singapore, I didn’t know how to save money and I sent everything to my parents. After I joined Aidha, I got a chance to save money at a bank, so at least now I can save half of my salary every month.

Seng Ra, Myanmar, graduated in 2015

Who should enrol

Any foreign domestic worker with a basic level of English and a desire to learn and save for her future.

Duration and course fees

Sunday class

Six months – courses start each month
Two Sundays a month (morning or afternoon session – 3 hours per session)

Wednesday class

Six months – courses start on 10 April
Every week for 6 months from 12pm to 1.30pm (1,5h per session)

Course fees per six-month module:
$200 (after DB Scholarship Fund discount)
$150 (after additional discount for self-supporting students)

For more details on course fees and packages,
click here for foreign domestic workers
click here for employers

What you’ll get

Learn how to save and manage your money to improve your future.

Develop computer skills and improve self-confidence.

Module 1 comprises of three classes:

  • Money Management 1
  • Essential Computer Skills
  • Communications & Confidence

Additional benefits

  • Maximum 24 students per class with two volunteer trainers
  • Student handbook and Aidha bag
  • Personal laptops provided during computer classes
  • Access to a computer lab before and after class
  • Free campus events
  • A safe environment to learn and have fun
  • A certificate upon completion!

You will learn how to:

  • Set saving goals and budgeting
  • Save money, budget, plan and stick to a budget
  • Develop a saving habit
  • Share your saving goals with family
  • Make your money work for you

According to our impact data, monthly savings increase by 40% after Module 1

You will learn how to:

  • Develop confidence and proficiency in using a computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone
  • Protect your privacy and security on social media
  • Open, edit and save using Google Suite (Docs, Sheets and Slides)
  • Draft letters, create spreadsheets and presentations

Each student is assigned a laptop during the class.

You will learn how to:

  • Listen to understand
  • Deal with stress and challenges in life
  • Express yourself with confidence
  • Organise your life
MODULE 1 – LESSON PLAN Three hours two Sundays a month for six months
  Essential Computer Skills Money Management 1 Communications & Confidence
Month 12 x 90 minute classes 6 x 90 minute classes
1 Computer Basics & Typing Reaching Your Dreams
Internet, Google Search & Gmail Introduction to Communication and Confidence
2 Introduction to Smartphones Savings Goals and Budgeting
Introduction to Google Docs The Importance of Planning
3 Writing a Business Letter Preparing Your Monthly Budget
Google Sheets Dealing with Stress and Challenges in Life
4 Using Google Sheets (Advanced) Being Practical about Saving
Using Google Slides Effective Communication Part 1
5 Social Media & Digital Marketing Working as a Team with Your Family
Computer Maintenance Effective Communication Part 2
6 Revision Making Your Money Work for You & Building Confidence
Final Assessment Organising Your Life

New Courses Start Every Month











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