I am an employer enrolling my helper

Please note: All classes are currently taught online via zoom except Essential Computer Skills class in Module 1, which will be offered face to face as soon as this becomes possible.

Next starting dates

Module 1

SUN, 13 Feb
SUN, 6 Mar

Module 2

SUN, 13 Feb
SUN, 6 Mar

Module 3

SUN, 13 Feb
SUN, 6 Mar


SUN, 13 Feb
SUN, 6 Mar

Enrolment process

1. Register online

Please submit the registration form below and make payment. We will confirm the enrolment as soon as possible.

2. Gift card

If requested in the registration form you can download a printable gift card to present to your helper!

3. Introduction Session

Before joining the first class your helper will attend an introduction session. It will help her familiarise with Zoom, the platform we use for our online classes.

Course fees

  Regular Fees Current fees
1 Module $250 Now $200
2 x Modules $450 Now $350
3 x Modules $600 Now $500
Improve Your English $200 standalone $100 only with any other courses

Aidha scholarship fund

This year, thanks to our partners’ generous support, course fees are reduced, making our courses even more affordable.

Registration form

Any Questions?

Ask our Campus Operations Team!

Ask our Campus Operations Team!

You can contact us at +65 9789 4041

Please Note: With our campus remaining closed due to the ongoing public health situation, in 2020 we are offering online classes.

The Essential Computer Skills element of Module One will be offered on campus when this becomes possible. 

For updates on our classes starting in 2021 you may contact us (Tel 9789 4041; Email [email protected]) for more information.

My helper is such an important part of my family’s daily life. She’s dedicated and caring. And in return I want her to be in a solid financial footing on the day she finally returns home to her own family.

Madam Tang

Thank you for supporting your helper and giving her the gift of education

As recognition for a helper’s work and dedication to the family, many employers choose to pay all or a significant portion of the course fees, or provide moral support and encouragement with their Sunday studies. For this we thank you.

Our base fee of $250 per six-month course is about a third of Aidha’s actual cost of delivery. This heavily subsided fee is only made possible through the generous financial support of our donors and partners.

Deutsche Bank Scholarship Fund

This year, thanks to the Deutsche Bank and its employees, we are pleased to offer an additional discount to all Module 1, 2 and 3 students at Aidha, making our courses more affordable.

Course fees
  Regular fee Fees with DB scholarships
1 Module $250 Now $200
2 x Modules $450 Now $350
3 x Modules $600 Now $500
Improve Your English $200 standalone $100 only with any other courses










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