Aidha Photography Exhibition 2018

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Join Aidha’s annual photography competition 📷 that is open to all foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and have your photos featured at our upcoming exhibition on 24th & 25th Nov held at Intersections. Competition winners will receive cash prizes totaling $1500 with a grand prize of $500! 

Unspoken Life gives voice to the journeys that FDWs take when they arrive in Singapore. There are over 240,000 FDWs in Singapore but many remain unseen and invisible, defined solely by their duties and responsibilities. This exhibition delves beneath the labels to unfurl the many selves that FDWs keep hidden from Singapore society – as dreamers, artists, and changemakers, both locally and in their home countries. This is a call to all FDWs to share your Unspoken Life!

Send your submissions to [email protected] by Sunday, 4th November 2018 (extended submission deadline). Photos should be your original photo, Hi-Res, JPG format and may consist of the following styles: photo series or a single image. Please do not submit selfies Include a description of each of your photographs/series in 100 words or less. 

Submit your photographs under these categories:
1. Dream On 🏆
What are your hopes and dreams? Whether it’s looking to the future or reflecting on your past, share with us how your hopes and dreams have changed or grown since you’ve started working abroad. Show us what inspires you to chase these dreams – it could be anything, big or small, that reminds you to keep going and continue pursuing your aspirations.

2. Aidha and I … 👯 (Open to Aidha students and alumni only) 
Coming to Aidha is more than just learning about managing your money and entrepreneurship – it’s about being part of a diverse community of determined and resilient women. Have you been inspired by the people you’ve met at Aidha? What does Aidha mean to you?

3. Through My Eyes 👀
For the first time ever, we are opening up a “freestyle” category that invites photographers to submit photos of any style or theme. Be it something that caught your attention, or a story you’ve always wanted to tell – feel free to showcase your creativity!

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