Our Volunteers


Our volunteers are passionate about education, empowerment and helping to create sustainable futures.

They come from many different cultures and professional backgrounds. We have both male and female volunteer mentors at Aidha.

Our team of  over 200 volunteer mentors conducts the Sunday classes.

As a volunteer, you’ll be a part of an experience that transforms your life as well as that of the students you mentor.  You will be a part of a warm, friendly, closely-knit community, where your contributions really make a difference. You will actually be able to see the impact you are making in a student’s life every week. Whether you choose to teach one of our Sunday classes or work with the Core Team, you’ll witness the impact that your work has on our students.

Aidha creates opportunities for skills-based volunteering so you can put the skills you already have to good use.  Even better are the new skills you are likely to learn from mentoring, such as facilitation and presentation skills, managing people and cross-cultural communication.  These are skills you can use back in your workplace. This is one reason why Aidha has often been likened to a free ‘training school for business skills!’   

Volunteering at Aihda also presents you with opportunities to network with other professionals who are all equally committed to giving back like  yourself.  You’ll join a community of genuinely big-hearted people whom you’ll begin to look forward to seeing on Sundays!

There are currently opportunities to volunteer as a Mentor or with the Core Team.

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Abena OforiI have had a fantastic three months interning at Aidha. It’s a very exciting time to be working for this social enterprise. The growth Aidha is undergoing is tremendous and it’s been a welcome challenge to keep up with the fast paced environment and apply what I had learnt at university. I have been especially lucky to work with Veronica, the Executive Director, who guided me through two large projects. I have also been very fortunate to work with the Research Head, Magali who encouraged me to take on a prominent role in the latest research project helping with recruitment, logistics, transcription and even facilitation of a group interview. Magali has helped me tap into skills I did not know I had. Most of all – the students have been inspiring. Like them, after Aidha I now have courage to pursue greater things in my career. Abena Ofori



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