Personal Message from Executive Director -Veronica Gamez

Dearest aidha Amigos!

My desire to serve migrant workers started at the top of one of the most beautiful mountains in Mexico, when I first heard the story of a migrant crossing the border between Mexico and the USA to find a job and sustain his family. Years passed before I had the life-changing opportunity to hear the story my dearest Josephine kindly shared with me about her life as a domestic worker in Singapore – one of dignity, hard work and infinite love to her children back home. These stories pushed me to challenge myself and my limits. They were milestones that allowed me to have one of the most amazing, fulfilling, humbling and wonderful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. They impacted me in tremendous ways that helped me make important decisions, like leaving my banking job to join aidha full time. Because during this journey, I discovered that one of the most difficult challenges for me has been aligning my actions with my values. Leaving my corporate job was an example of my desire to be consistent with my personal beliefs and principles.

To continue this pursuit of aligning values and actions, and after 5 and a half years of being fortunate enough to be part of aidha, I have decided to leave my post as Executive Director and embark on another important journey. My decision to leave aidha will help me to be closer to my beautiful family and friends, with whom I’ve not shared my life for more than 15 years. My heart tells me that I need to do this: To play with my nephews (I have 7… I think? :)), talk for hours and read books to my mother, gossip with my brother and sisters, reconnect with old friends and to rediscover my roots.

As you can imagine, this important decision gives me mixed feelings, but I leave joyful knowing that aidha has taught me profound lessons in gratitude, simple living, passion, empathy, hard work, continuous learning and resilience. I often reflect (under one of my favourite trees in Singapore) and realise how supremely blessed I am because of all the inspiring people I’ve met: From our students with their unbelievable journeys of courage and strength, to our volunteers with their passion and drive to create real impact, as well as all our corporate partners who are sharing their valuable expertise and resources! Every single individual I have interacted with has had a tremendous impact on my life and I will always be thankful for that.

aidha remains with an extraordinary and professional Management Team who is very passionate about our mission. I will continue to support aidha as a consultant from my lindo Mexico on specific strategic projects that will ensure the organisation is on track to achieve its growth targets. My dream continues to live, and when the right time comes, I will do my very best to bring aidha to some of the 13 million Mexican migrants living in the USA.

As I say goodbye, I would like to ask you for a very important and special request: Please give aidha’s next leader a warm welcome and show him or her the same love and kindness that you have shown me. I have no doubt that whoever that lucky person is will have a wonderful ride ahead! Wohooo!

In Mexico we say: “Mi casa es tu casa” meaning “My home is your home”. It will give me infinite pleasure to see you in Mexico and introduce you to my family and friends!

I will be organising a farewell as I would personally love to give you a “see you soon” hug before my departure in December. Details to come, so please stay tuned.

Go, go, go, aidha!!! May we all reach our dreams!

Hasta pronto amigos!Veronica Gamez
Executive Director