What Our Students Say

“In compass club, we learn how to save and value every single cent of our money. Every session, we are required to bring our bank account statement showing that we are saving for our particular goal, so that at the end of our working days in Singapore, we go back to our own country with knowledge and big hope in our hearts, [to] turn that goal into reality. … My goal… is [to have] my own restaurant… with 8 tables, and serving western / Asian food.”

Elsie Ballatong, Philippines

“What a privilege it was to join the Compass Club. I’ve learnt how to budget my expenses and monitor my remittances. Now I can say a big ‘no’ [to my family] if they ask for money for no reason, but I help them if they need it. … [My family] is so happy because we are looking forward to more good results – we [now] have caribou, goats, chicken and vegetables and fruit trees. ‘Mabuhay aidha!’”

Norma Antalan, Philippines

“I wouldn’t have learnt how to say ‘no’ to the demands of my family back home if I [hadn’t] attended the Compass Club. … I am [now] disciplined to control myself and stop buying stuff that I don’t need. Instead, I keep checking my savings and how I am getting on. … aidha has played a big role in moulding me to move closer to my dreams.”

Marivic Capitle, Philippines

“The most challenging [thing] I have learned… at aidha is about savings. Before I found aidha, I always sent all my salary back home. It was difficult for me to say ‘no’ to those who ask me for help, especially on financial problems. … One of my brothers [once] said: ‘If we have a problem Celmar will immediately help us.’ … That’s the time I realised that I was not doing good [for] them. I taught them to be lazy and they just depended on me. But now I am strong enough to say ‘no’ and I will help – but it depends on what kind of problem they have.

… From the time I joined aidha, I managed to have fixed savings of $50 to $100 per month. I managed to finish paying for my residential land, build a simple house and buy a tricycle. Now I’m focusing on cash savings of $200 per month. The Compass Club inspired me to open another bank account to have an automatic transfer every month so I do not have direct access to the money. I’m so happy about what I did – it is more exciting when I see my savings growing.”

Celmar Palao, Philippines