Description Of Our Courses For Domestic Helpers

Courses Details of the course* Duration of the course / No of hours for each class Price per module No. of sessions per month
Module 1 :
Finance and Technology
Module 1 comprises of 3 types of courses:

  1. Compass Club: Learn how to save & budget
  2. Leadership Club: Build effective communication skills
  3. Computer Workshop: Learn basic & advanced computer skills
9 months / 3 hours (each session
of 1.5 hour)
$400 per module Classes are held on alternate Sundays twice a month.(1st and 3rd Sunday or 2nd and 4th Sunday) in the morning or afternoon
Module 2: Entrepreneurship and Business Management Module 2 comprises of 2 types of courses:

  1. Venture Club: Learn how to start a business & write a business plan
  2. Advanced Leadership Club: Learn business and management skills

*Only eligible for Module 1 graduates

9 months / 3 hours (each session
of 1.5 hour)
$400 per module Classes are held on alternate Sundays twice a month.
(1st and 3rd Sunday or 2nd and 4th) morning or afternoon
Improving Your English
  1. Learn to communicate more effectively in English
  2. Increase confidence in speaking and writing English
  3. Preparation for Aidha’s finance and entrepreneurship courses
6 months / 12 sessions (each session of 3 hour) Non-Aidha Student: $90 Aidha student: $40 Classes are held on alternate Sundays twice a month. (2nd and 4th Sunday) morning or afternoon

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Module 1: Finance & Technology

In the first module, there are three types of courses which are integrated and taught over a period of 9 months.

1. Financial Compass Club

On average, our students save 50% of their monthly income. Also 9 in 10 graduates maintain saving habits even after leaving Aidha.

  • Manage their money by learning how to plan and implement a budget, with the tools to achieve their savings goals
  • Make productive investment like land, livestock, farms, taxis
  • Sustain themselves and their families back home.

2. Leadership Club

This club is a great opportunity for them to build self-confidence and improve their communication skills.

  • Communication and management skills.
  • Every session, students stand up in front of their classmates to give speeches on a variety of management topics.

3. Computer Workshops

Each student has her own computer during the class, and there are only 18 students in a class with 2 trainers in class to guide them.

  • To improve their computer skills
  • Basics of using Internet, E-mail, Skype and browsing the web
  • Advanced sessions on Microsoft Office; Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Module 2: Entrepreneurship & Business Management

In the second module, there are two exciting courses where we teach business concepts which prepares you to start a business back home. A set of highly experienced and trained mentors spend 9 months to work on a business plan. To maximise your learning, you have to complete  Module 1 before you can start Module 2. The courses in module 2 includes:

1. Venture Club

Students learn how to start and manage a business.

  • How to start a business with little money? How to deal with customers and competitors? How to ensure healthy cash flow?
  • They learn all this and more in this powerful course, and each student completes the course by handing over their own business plan.

2. Advanced Leadership Club

Students explore business and management topics in depth.

  • Students practice the need to communicate effectively with their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.