Course fees

To enroll at aidha, chose any one of the payment option.

Payment options & course fees Initial payment Remaining payment Total course fee
Option 1 Fee per module $125 $275 $350
Option 2 Fee for module 1 and module 2 $125 $475 $550
Option 3 Installment plan per module $125 1 x $125 + 2x $100 $450

Please note

  • There is no other payment over and above the total fee.
  • To enroll at aidha, you can chose to pay upfront for module 1 or both modules.
  • Students who register for both modules upfront are eligible for a heavily discounted price of $550 at time of registration.
  • In case students are unable to pay lump sum, they can opt for the installment plan as specified in option 3 above. An initial payment of $75 is required at the time of registration followed up by five monthly installments thereafter.

Please make your payment by cash or  cheque. All cheques in favour of “aidha ltd”