The Aidha Business Accelerator (ABA) is designed for recent and older Aidha alumni that are looking for more support in setting up or strengthening their own businesses. The Accelerator will run for 9 months, starting January to the end of September 2018.  Alumni can rejoin the Accelerator as many times as they like and we intend the Accelerator to be continuously relevant for all micro-business owners or aspirants.

  • Monthly workshops on advanced business topics. These have been reconsidered and draw on our learnings from our previous Alumni Development Programme (ADP). They will be developed as a coherent curriculum with supporting curriculum materials for students and trainers (rather than standalone workshops that were facilitator developed previously)
  • 9 months of small group mentoring. A mentor will work with the same small group of 4-6 alumni participants. Participants will be grouped by the stage of maturity of their business plan and/or by sector
  • Opportunity to compete for modest funding.  There will be a midpoint opportunity to secure small amounts of funding to develop an early prototype or model of their products or business
  • Additional optional specialised workshops offered by Facebook’s She Means Business initiative as well as Google Business Groups content for small businesses

Join ABA at any time after completing Module 2 or 3 for only $90 SGD and participate in the whole programme! The validity of the membership: 1 year.

14th January – ABA Info Session

25th February – Refining your Business Idea & Starting Small

25th March – Market Research & Defining Your Competitive Advantage

8th April – Small Investment Ideas & Prototyping Ideas 

22nd April – Price and Profitability & Cash Flow Analysis

13th May – Presentations for Midway Funding

27th May – Marketing for Small Businesses with She Means Business (Facebook)

10th June – Set Up Your Business Website with Google Business Group

24th June – Business Operations

22nd July – Working with Family & Managing Your Team

26th August – Financing Your Small Business & Cash Flow Analysis

9th September – Communication / Presentation Workshop (Practise Session for The Big Pitch)

23rd September – The Big Pitch

 For further information about Aidha Business Accelerator, kindly click on our FAQ section or visit the Marketing Desk on campus.