“I shared my dream of opening a bakeshop in my hometown” – Vali Subramaniam

Valli Subramaniam, aidha 2013 batch 

Valli SubramaniamWhen you first meet Annavalli Subramaniam, she strikes you as someone who has always been capable, independent and confident. After all, even before joining Aidha, Valli, as she likes to called, says she had already been saving and budgeting. “However, I wasn’t very good. I wasn’t as strict as I am today,” she shares. Furthermore, she didn’t speak much. She felt very shy because her English wasn’t very good. “I didn’t want to speak to other people, only with my own people,” says the native of Tamilnadu, India, where she grew up with five younger sisters. “Even my reading and writing were very bad.”

So when her employer of 17 years suggested that she attend Aidha, Valli was willing to give it a try. “I shared my dream of opening a bakeshop in my hometown. So my Madam told me it would be good for me to go to school and learn about business, computer and communicating better.”

That’s why in March of 2013, Valli found herself sitting in a classroom at the old Aidha campus at NTUC for her very first Leadership Class. Like her classmates, Valli felt very shy and nervous about speaking in front of a group. But by the last few months of Module 1, Valli said she had started volunteering to give speeches in class. Read more