Diyah Supeni

Diyah Supeni, aidha 2011 graduate and Student volunteer

Diyah S“My dream is to give my son a university education so that he will have a secure future and more choices in life which I did not have. That is why I came to Singapore from Java, Indonesia, 11 years ago. I was a single mother so it was very difficult to be away from my son and my family but my dream kept me going and persevering as a domestic worker.  I realised the best way to secure my son’s future was to be a business woman and so I started studying at aidha.

 In Aidha, I found my place. They really opened my eyes and changed the way I thought about money and the future. In the Compass Club, I learnt how to save and budget. This was a very big change of thinking for me because previously, half of my salary went to my son and the other half I spent without any concerns. Now I realise why it was important to save and budget and plan ahead. The good thing about the Compass Club is that everyone in the class supports each other because we all have the same challenges and dreams. Making those changes in my spending and saving habits really paid off. I have seen how small money becomes big money. Read more