Our Partner Associations

AustCham Singapore

AustCham President Graham Lee presenting awards at aidha graduation

As part of its continued commitment to supporting community-based projects in Singapore, the Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham) partners with Aidha. AustCham is sponsoring a series of educational awards and an innovative savings club scheme. AustCham believes Aidha’s dedication to enriching lives through financial education transforms the lives of not only these women but also their families. Many Australians in the business community appreciate and benefit from the support of a foreign domestic worker in their home life. AustCham is delighted to be able to give back by investing in Aidha so that its students can plan for a bright future through setting financial goals and creating successful business ventures.

Kadence Singapore


Kadence Singapore, a market research consultancy, is proud to be a partner of Aidha! Kadence believes in aidha’s mission – empowerment through education, providing technical and emotional skills that help foreign domestic workers advance their lives and those of their families. Kadence will be bringing Aidha’s data collection up-to-date. This will help Aidha develop more tangible evidence of the effectiveness of its work and present stronger cases in future grant applications. Hopefully this will increase patronage for Aidha in the years to come.


Alexander Maan Solutions              


For AMS, it wasn’t just the great work Aidha does that made it the perfect charity to support. “We were absolutely delighted with the people that we met. They were all authentic, passionate and distinctive.” AMS staff will have opportunities to volunteer in a number of ways, including:
– Support HR and recruitment initiatives
– Review and develop policies & process for Aidha’s operations
– Train core team on interview skills, job postings, etc