Partner With Aidha

Partners are a key part of the Aidha community and one of the main reasons for our successful operations.

Aidha is a Singapore-based registered charity. In keeping with our mission as a not for profit organisation, Aidha offers subsidised course fees to all students, to ensure that the program remains affordable. Today about half of our operating costs are met through course fees, the remainder being funded by our generous partners.

As we do not receive government funding yet, we rely on public contributions and support to carry out our mission and the projects that will lead to positive change for migrant workers, their families and their communities.

We have leveraged our partnerships to engage various communities in Singapore, including businesses, universities, embassies and chambers of commerce, which has enabled Aidha to fund operating expenses and receive high-quality professional services that it could not have afforded otherwise.

Having a meaningful and diverse network of partners that provide significant personnel and resources is vital for Aidha’s sustainability and growth. These efforts enable us to increase our resources and the impact of our work for these vulnerable and under served communities.