Research Guest Programme

Aidha encourages research at all levels in the fields of education, migration, gender and development. We have worked with scholars from local institutes and universities such as the Asia Research Institute and the Lee Kwan Yew School of Government, the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and National Technological University. We have also received scholars from prestigious academic institutions in Europe and the United States.

If interested on conducting a research project at Aidha, please contact us at [email protected]


Our guest researchers

Catherine Wu

Catherine Wu, Ph.D. Candidate, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Catherine is currently a Ph.D. candidate with the Center for Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (CLCI) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Before joining the CLCI to pursue her research interest in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and intercultural management, she worked as a personal development consultant in China to large multinational corporations and government agencies. Catherine received a Masters in Management from Euromed Marseille School of Management in France. Her primary research interests are in international organizational behavior, focusing on cultural intelligence, cross-cultural conflict, and intercultural interactions. Her work has been presented at the Academy of Management Conference in San Antonio, the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology in Istanbul and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in San Diego.

Magali Muria

Overview of a research collaboration project with Aidha

Given the recent finding that communication skills can be a challenge for Aidha students and a reason for attrition, the proposed research project aims to better understand the characteristics of communication behaviours among Aidha students. The study is intended to provide important insights into how students gain confidence through Aidha’s program and how this change in confidence impacts their communication behaviours at work. The project will be conducted from Dec 2012 to June 2014 in collaboration with Nanyang Business School.


Research publications  

Nicola Pocock, “Immigrants Entrepreneurs, Global-is-Asian (13), LKYSPP, Jan – March 2012
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Nicola Pocock,  “Why Financial Planning is Important for Migrant Women”,Gender Insights, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Sept 2012

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Rashmi Barua “Educating Migrant Workers in Finance”, Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings January 1, 2011

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Alexandra Gaskell, ‘Protecting the female migrant domestic worker from gender-based violence: Demonstrating the need to ensure that the due diligence requirement to prevent acts of violence is accorded sufficient focus in international human rights law., Dissertation for Degree of Master of Laws (LLM), University of Nottingham.

Yina Son (2011), “Realizing Hope and Development through Financial Education: An Observation on the Programs and Organization of Aidha”, policy analysis exercise, LKYSPP, NUS, Singapore

Stephanie Hayes (2008), “Hope for a better future: using positive psychology to empower female migrant domestic workers to create sustainable and successful futures”, undergraduate thesis, Algoma University, Canada