Aidha Mentors

Volunteering as a Mentor for Aidha’s Sunday classes is a positive, challenging and fulfilling experience.  Below are some of the many benefits of being a Mentor:

 •Develop your leadership and management skills through training and practical experience

• Challenge yourself through public speaking and relationship building

• Be part of an exciting and positive community of Mentors and students from around the world

• Share your knowledge and encourage students to reach their dreams

• See the impact of your giving firsthand in each class that you teach

 What does it involve?

• Teaching a class of Aidha students every second Sunday in either money management, computer or business management skills

• Courses run for 6 months

How to become an Aidha Mentor?

1. Attend a Volunteer Orientation. If you are interested in attending please click here to register.

2. Register your interest and preferred subject (“modules”) at the Volunteer Orientation or email [email protected]

3. Complete the Aidha Mentor training (2x 2-3 hour sessions)

4. Attend 1-2 orientation sessions

5. Sign up to a class (6 months) and be assigned a Mentor Buddy

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Support for Aidha Mentors

• Training: to equip you to facilitate a class of 15 students in their journey of learning

• Curriculum: high quality coursework and teaching aids will be provided for your classes

• Mentor Buddy: he/she will attend some of your classes to support and provide feedback

• Support Network: a community of Aidha Mentors to share experiences, provide advice, and fill in if you cannot teach your class from time to time

Hear from our Mentors

Currently we have over 300 trained Mentors who commit from 4.5 to 6 months of their time. Their dedication transforms the lives of their students, their families and communities back home. Here is what some of our Mentors say:

Arun Kelshiker. Facilitating an Aidha course is an extremely rewarding experience. I’ve met really special people and shared in communicating high level business concepts with classes who are keen to learn and enjoy challenging themselves. Students in these courses give up a large part of their one free day to come and take classes. This allows mentors to really make active and material contributions to making this class time as special an experience as possible for all the students. It’s the one time during the week that both mentors and students can become immersed in fresh subject material and new idea thinking which is outside of the normal routine of day to day activities. This really helps to challenge and look beyond the next week or month and to be decidedly active on how one’s future takes form and shape. Concrete plans, changes, decisions and businesses all come to fruition during Aidha courses.
Ellen Goel. My experience in teaching a computer workshop at Aidha was wonderful! I have never taught Foreign Domestic Workers before. I did not even know one of them personally and I was quite nervous during my first class. This immediately changed when my students came into the class with a big smile in their faces, a “hello ma’am” on their lips and a curious, knowledge-awaiting look in their eyes. I knew the girls want to be here, they want to learn and I would love to explain them something about computers. They are so appreciating and grateful – I can learn a lot from them!
Yina Song. Being a mentor for computer workshops means much more than simply being an instructor. Some students come in without any knowledge and are quite shy about it. Then as they learn more over the program, they see a practically new world equipping themselves with new skills and connecting with their loved ones more frequently while the cost is hugely cut down. Witnessing the kind of changes that are brought to the students while they learn the things that I have taken for granted (which are in fact privileges) has been a life changing and humbling experience for me.