What Drives Us

Our Vision – Sustainable futures through financial education

Our Mission – To empower and provide opportunities for foreign domestic workers and lower-income women to transform their lives through sustainable wealth creation

Our Values – Respect, passion, diversity, learning

There are currently about 222,500 foreign domestic workers employed in Singapore. They come mainly from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. It is not an easy decision to leave one’s children and family behind but it is usually borne of desperation and of hope, that it will eventually lead to a better future for all.

Remittances provide the much needed financial help to families back home but often, the women find themselves without have any savings at the end of their contracts. They are caught in a vicious cycle where families become dependent on the remittances, leaving little or nothing for the foreign domestic worker who faces the same poverty and uncertain future when she returns home.

Our programmes aim to break this cycle of poverty by helping domestic workers develop savings habits as well as the skills needed to start a sustainable business for their families. Our holistic curriculum focuses on money management as its foundation but practical self-development skills, including computer literacy, communication and leadership, further our aim of empowering women and ensuring they have choices. We utlise the power of peer support to encourage learning and behaviour change. Our pool of dedicated and highly talented volunteer mentors work hard to create a structured, positive and fun learning environment.

Our partnership with United World College South East Asia enables us to conduct our classes on Sundays at their Dover campus in spacious, wi-fi enabled, state-of-the-art classrooms. More importantly, there is plenty of space for students to socialise with each other and their mentors. It is not uncommon for students to begin their classes as strangers and soon become good friends, creating a sense of community and a network of support for each other.

The results are far-reaching. Seven in ten of our students succeed in either opening their own businesses or investing in productive assets, like livestock and land, in their home countries. Eight in ten students begin to save every month, a big change from having no savings at all before joining Aidha. The biggest impact of all is the multiplier effect that takes place when students share their knowledge and skills with their families and friends back home, creating brighter futures not just for themselves but for their communities that last a lifetime. In our research we have find, ‘when you educate a woman, you change nine other lives.’ Click Platform of Success