Welcome to Aidha

Since 2006, Aidha has impacted over 2,800 foreign domestic workers in Singapore! They are women who have had to leave their homes and families and travel abroad in search of employment opportunities that would hopefully create brighter futures for themselves and their families back home.

We provide training programmes in financial literacy and self-development skills that we believe will enable a woman to have more opportunities and choice in the future.  Our classes in money management, computer literacy, leadership and entrepreneurial skills have enabled many of our students to set up their own businesses and make productive investments in their home countries, providing more sustainable options for themselves, their families and their communities.

The effects of our financial literacy programme education have also been felt by others in the Singapore community. Employers of our students have commented on the improved communication and money management skills and higher motivation levels of our students, resulting in better employer-employee relationships.

Our classes are run by a pool of over 200 volunteers who generously share their time and talents. They are highly skilled and talented professionals from many different cultures and backgrounds but all united with the common aim of  doing good and giving back. With the skills-based volunteering opportunities created at Aidha, they can use the experience they already have to make a direct impact in a woman’s life. It is a common comment from our volunteers that as much as they give, they are rewarded twicefold because they can actually see the impact they are making each week in their classes. Volunteers have also likened Aidha to a ‘training school for business skills’ because they gain valuable   facilitation and presentation skills, learn more about managing people and intercultural  communication, all of which are directly transferrable back in their workplace.

We are able to deliver our programmes through  the generous support of individual and corporate donors and foundations. Our work has been featured in various media publications including The Straits Times, The New Paper, InFocus (the publication produced by the Ministry of Manpower), ChannelNewsAsia and on Philippine TV. In this year’s Impact Journalism Day, which 40 major newspapers around the world participated in, Aidha was selected by The Straits Times and as one of  the three organisations in Singapore that was making a difference in the world. Click here for article and video.

Students enjoying the 2015 Graduation ceremony where a record number of 166 students graduated
Aidha CEO, Karen Fernandez, receiving the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) Award 2015 for Financial Empowerment: NGO Initiative